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I have heard a lot about us all being “reset” as we experience a lock down on life.

When the tough restrictions were first announced, I sensed some kind of unspoken relief for some people around me, and even within myself;

Relief that we could stop, that we could experience quiet, calm, uncluttered, unfettered rest and recreation for a lengthy time.

Relief that something beyond our control that is blame free will allow us to do what all know we need to do – stop!

I was talking with a mum of four young children the other day. She has four young children. Her husband is luckily, still working. This mum works part-time in the people care arena. She was wondering whether our community is having its values re-valued.

Maybe: In this forced restriction of personal freedoms that are not anyone’s fault, are we finally getting the time and the guilt free space to discover what is driving us as we go about life?

Are the values that drive the many things we find ourselves doing, and find ourselves complaining about, as if we are on this merry-go-round we cannot get off, finally being exposed?

Is our busyness being re-valued and replaced by the value of rest and time to think.

Is our endless search for things being re-valued and replaced by a thankfulness for what we have got.

Is the insatiable need to always be doing things, taking the kids here, getting them into that, getting ourselves into that , achieving this, winning this, being replaced with a focus on relationships and time with people as the priority?

Are we getting a serious challenge to the way we live to be less into the accumulation of things and way more into the to giving self to people.

As someone who has gone through a major health scare some time ago, I can tell you that it is important in these light bulb moments’ in life to write a list of the new values that are emerging for you and then make a commitment to actually do something about some of them. If your list is something like;

  • Value my partner more highly – spend more time my partner, with the kids,
  • Make more effort in staying in touch with my close friends and extended family
  • Take more holidays. Do that around Australia trip
  • Get rid of all that stuff in the shed I never use and don’t need,
  • Declutter the house and keep it that way and etc.

You’ll never do all of them. Pick two and actually do them.

For us it was take all our leave when it is due and go bush a  lot more. We bought a camper trailer to do this. We have used it quite a lot.

The other thing was renewed commitment to good eating and good exercise.

In this moment of re-valued values, nothing will come of it and life will go back to being lived on the values that have been exposed as dodgy in no time – of you don’t actually do something concrete as a result of what you are learning about yourself.

This might be an opportunity to re-value what you are finding is truly valuable.