Exiles – Sustained by Hope in a Hostile World

Inspiration for Christians on the outer    –    The First Letter of Peter

Why study 1 Peter?  Our Australian community is changing.  Christianity is increasingly dismissed as irrelevant or held up as dangerous or silly.  How do we respond well? Do I blend in, do I fight for my rights or is there another way for me, the church and my family to not only survive as Exiles in this unwelcome time but thrive in it?

1 Peter is a letter written to the Christians who have found themselves on the outer of their community.   There is real value for hope and joy in our time in studying this little letter.

Option 1  Wednesday Evenings 7.30 pm or Thursday mornings 9.30 am (Thursday sessions start 22nd February)

Lenten Bible School will be held in the St Petri Hall and will commence with Lenten Devotion and then the Bible School.  Exception is Ash Wednesday – 14th February which will start with worship in the Church.

Option 2  Make your own group with friends/family at home or work and use the You Tube recording of the Wednesday night session as your guide.  Please send an email to request a link to access this  – admin@stpetri.org.au

What to bring:  Bible, note pad and pen.  No need to book in for Bible School.  Just come and join us!