easter theme pic 2013Here we are again – on the eve of another 3 days of Easter reflection and celebration.

We will kick off tomorrow night with our Maundy Thursday Service at 7.30pm, where we will re-enact the foot washing of Jesus, share the new Passover meal of the sacrificial ‘Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world’ before entering the darkness of the Garden of Gethsemane and leaving to await Good Friday.

Good Friday will dawn, and at 9.30am we will journey along the Way of Suffering, or the Via Dolorosa, as we reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus for the life of the world using the well trodden path of the Stations of the Cross.

Good Friday afternoon will come and at 3.00pm (‘the ninth hour’), the church will be open for any wanting to do a personal guided pilgrimage along the stations of the cross in a quiet place.

Easter Day will dawn on Menglers Hill, and some of us will join with Christian of other traditions at 7.00am to welcome the Easter good news.

Easter Day will continue, and at 9.30am, we will celebrate the breaking of God’s new hope and life available to all in the resurrection and rule of Jesus of naareth, the crucified and risen Saviour of sinners and strangers.

In all of our gathering we are asking for new belief, new faith, so that we can truly see who we are and need to be on God’s world. Believing is Seeing!