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Prayer: Knowing God?

Knowing God more fully is a more critical thing than to receive a change in our circumstances.
Without God’s gracious presence given in his precious gifts of belonging to a local community of faith where he gives his grace in his gifts of baptism, forgiveness, holy healing meal, and the general mutual support of fellow praying people on the journey, a change in the circumstances we have asked might lead to overconfidence and spiritual indifference.
Knowing God better is what we simply much have above all if we are to face life in all its circumstances (reflection on Tim Keller in “Prayer: Experiencing awe and intimacy with God”) on Ephesians 1:17-18.

The best thing I have heard for ages

I am not sure there is anyone on the church world stage at the moment who is really connecting with the under 20-40 age group more than a guy named Tim Keller. Tim is a Presbyterian Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian church in the synical and fast-paced New York City. This sermon is brilliant. He proclaims a “thinking person’s” good news word. It’s called “Reason for Living”. It is about 30 minutes long, but it won’t feel that long! Check it out and make a comment!

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