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Prayer: Knowing God?


CONVERSATION ON PRAYER: Knowing God more fully is a more critical thing than to receive a change in our circumstances. Without God's gracious presence given in his precious gifts of belonging to a local community of faith where he gives his grace in his gifts of baptism, forgiveness, holy healing meal, and the general mutual [...]

Prayer: Knowing God?2015-05-02T15:27:19+09:30

The best thing I have heard for ages


I am not sure there is anyone on the church world stage at the moment who is really connecting with the under 20-40 age group more than a guy named Tim Keller. Tim is a Presbyterian Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian church in the synical and fast-paced New York City. This sermon is brilliant. He proclaims [...]

The best thing I have heard for ages2012-03-14T21:01:41+10:30
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