the Servant Washing


Short Homily Maundy Thursday Night, 2013 Rite of Footwashing, St Petri In a way we cannot miss tonight—we proclaim and celebrate the realty that Jesus is a Servant king serving us always with his life and love and grace. This sets him apart from all other world religious symbols and leaders. The Servant King is [...]

the Servant Washing2013-03-30T09:12:50+10:30

The Three Days of Easter @ St Petri


Here we are again - on the eve of another 3 days of Easter reflection and celebration. We will kick off tomorrow night with our Maundy Thursday Service at 7.30pm, where we will re-enact the foot washing of Jesus, share the new Passover meal of the sacrificial 'Lamb of God who takes away the sin of [...]

The Three Days of Easter @ St Petri2013-03-27T20:53:50+10:30

An Easter of Encouragement


To all the people of God who have been around St Petri this Easter, Peace to you and yours! This has been an Easter of encouragement that has been pleasure to be a part of and contribute to. From the young bible readers, to the ushers and greeters, to communion assistants to adult narrators to [...]

An Easter of Encouragement2012-04-08T16:55:59+09:30
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