Who Is The Holy Spirit: Part 1

Four evenings of Bible Study with Rev. Dr. Noel Due

HOW TO USE THESE STUDIES: These sessions were recorded over four Tuesday evenings in October/November 2018 at St. Petri Lutheran Church, Nuriootpa, in the Barossa Valley, South Australia before a live audience.

There are two other resources also related to this theme:

  • A series of five videos recorded in 2019 called Going and Growing in the Spirit, available also on the Who Is The Holy Spirit: Part 2 section of this website.
  • A book released in 2019 called Spirit Filled: Normal Christian Living available from St Petri’s own Christian Bookstore The Cottage in Nuriootpa.

The sessions run for two hours, including a supper break. Some groups have used the videos in a similar way to this; others have taken it one segment at a time, so that each of the original sessions are spread over two weeks.

These three resources,  Who is the Holy Spirit, Going and Growing in the Spirit and Spirit Filled: Normal Christian Living do not depend on one another, but they all reinforce one another.  We have done this so that you can be flexible with the way you use the material.

The material is designed to be used in a group setting, but you can adapt it to use one on one, or just view the material personally.

Each evening consisted of the same elements: direct input, inductive Bible Study called ‘Dwelling in the Word’, some work around tables/in groups, and some questions and answers.

Round Table Work

At various points this symbol appears on the PowerPoint slides. That indicates time for work around tables or in groups. The PowerPoint slides are available here (in PDF or PowerPoint format).

Session 1 PDF
Session 2 PDF
Session 3 PDF
Session 4 PDF

Session 1 PowerPoint
Session 2 PowerPoint
Session 3 PowerPoint
Session 4 PowerPoint

Dwelling In The Word

On the video, Noel gives clear instructions on how to run the Dwelling in the Word section of the evening. You can find additional guidelines here.

Range Finding Exercise

Session 1 includes a ‘range finding exercise’. The questions for that exercise are on the PowerPoint slides.

Clearly, not all groups will match the answers given by the original audience. During sessions 2, 3 and 4, Noel addresses various aspects of the responses given.

Group leaders will need to be responsive to their own situations to fill in any other areas that Noel’s comments do not address.


There are some optional ‘take home’ pieces for folk to work on between the sessions. Noel gathers these responses on the videos, and there will clearly be others from your own setting.

Preview and Pre-reading

Group leaders should preview the whole series of studies before running the first session. Before each session group leaders should also review all the readings and any other relevant Bible passages so that you are familiar with the context and content.

We wish you every blessing as you engage with these resources, and, through them, with the Holy Spirit himself.

Video Clips