We are very glad that the Holy Spirit calls, gathers and enlighten people into the community of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we are very thankful to God that you have found your way to St Petri! We believe your here because the Holy Spirit has drawn you here.

We all have our story and a local church is full of people with stories and they are all important. We always extend an invitation to thse newer to St Peri or reconnecting with us after a time away to hear something of a story: your story, other newer people’s stories and God’s story at St Petri. We like to gather newer people together so they can meet people like themselves, learn of our church and dig a little deeper into their faith and what that now means for life.

HOW: “St Petri Foundations” lunch: once or twice a year we invite all those we know of who have found their way to our worship services or other activities and invite them to a special lunch after worship one Sunday (on us) and meet people, share our stories and hear something of St Petri’s story so far. This includes having a tour of the St Petri campus and seeing how St Petri is organised and what its vision and mission is. We also talk about what it is to be a member of a local church in mission.

Affirm the Faith: We then invite people to participate in a 10 week adult learning group where we unpack our worship life, foundational biblical teaching and develop stronger relationships and understanding of God at work in our lives. The pastor, with support lay leaders, leads this group.

Baptism or Welcome to Holy Communion and Membership: At the end of the 10 week journey, people are invited to then (only if they wish) to be baptised and welcomed into Holy Communion and membership at St Petri (if they have not already been baptised in a Christian church) or reaffirm their faith in Christ in the rite of welcome into membership at St Petri.

New small groups: Ongoing learning and relationships: people in the group are then invited to continue supporting each other in faith as they form a “life group” that can meet in people’s homes or on church campus or anywhere else and continue to learn by using various resources to study God’s Word or use the pastor’s sermons as the content for their ongoing learning.


Foundations lunch is hosted when we feel we have enough newer people around to make it work (between 4 and 10 people – usually once if not twice a year). Lunch is on St Petri.

Affirm the Faith follows Foundations lunch at an agreed time and may cost $20 for a resource to use.

Rite of Baptism and/or Welcome to Holy Communion and Membership follows Affirm the Faith at an agreed Sunday and costs nothing.





Sunday 8:45am
(1st + 3rd of Month)