We believe marriage is gift of God’s grace for all people and we are glad you have chosen to seek God’s presence and blessing on your big day and in your married life.

We ask you to prepare for your marriage by completing a specially designed and well researched process called PREPARE. This is way for you to gain some perspectives you may not already have on the strengths and areas for attention and growth in your relationship, and to talk these through together before you make your vows to each other publicly and before God.

The purpose of PREPARE and all of our meeting together is to help you to communicate about the important things that make for your relationship remaining the most healthiest and so enjoyable and fulfilling it can be.

We hope that you prepare well for your wedding day and your marriage relationship and that this whole process of preparing is a great blessing to you.

WHEN and HOW: Book in to see the pastor via the St Petri office and he will meet with you to get your wedding preparations under way.

COST: PREPARE costs around $42.00 and can be paid online when you do the inventory.

There is a cost sheet you receive and the costs vary depending on where the wedding is and what it consists of.