Project Description

The Lent Challenge

Would you take on the challenge of linking up with another person, another family, a few friends, a newer person around St Petri this Lent?

The Goal

The goal is to share five weekly moments of conversation around the RENEW LIFE Bible studies this Lent.


5 Study Series Booklet
RENEW Sermon Notes week 1
RENEW Sermon Notes week 2

HOW? You can connect with others either at the Wednesday night mid week Lenten Studies in the Hall after the Lenten Devotions in the Church building (7 pm – 7.30pm, then 7.45pm – 8.45 pm) OR

NEED SOME HELP CONNECTING? If you would like to find some new friends or deepen your relationships with people you already know in our church community please do so. If you need some pointers, talk to Pastor Adrian, Sharon Green, Rosie Edwards or someone else you know who may be able to link you up with people of like interest or situation.

Ideas For Connecting

GROUP UP: You could meet with a few other people or a new person you know at worship, or good friend over a meal.

Suggested Group Activities:

6 pm Share Dinner

7 pm Take turns facilitating the conversation around RENEW MISSION LIFE using the provided material

8 pm Close with a short prayer and blessing

You could host a group at your place anytime that suits during the week, or make up a group at someone else’s house.  If you are a group leader and you would like extra ideas for running your group, you could try this plan Renew Mission Life – Group Leader.

PAIR UP: You could meet in the park with the kids, and while they play, you could chat about RENEW MISSION LIFE using the resource or reflection of Sunday’s sermon.

ALONE OR AT WORK: You could simply ponder things alone anywhere or at your lunch break at work as you listen to the Sermon audio and read the RENEW MISSION LIFE resource.





Sunday 8:45am
(1st + 3rd of Month)