Holy Communion

It is our privilege to share part of your journey as parents and children as a local church. Every year we invite parents of children aged 9-11 years old to consider working with your child to help them prepare to receive the Lord’s Supper at St Petri.

We understand that admission to Communion has normally been done as part of the Confirmation process at St Petri, and so, do not wish to put any pressure on any child or parent to engage in this pre-confirmation admission to Holy Communion.

On the other hand, the Lutheran Church of Australia invites baptized children of age to be admitted to Holy Communion. We believe that the Lord gives us the great gifts of forgiveness and new life in this meal we share and that children of this age have the capacity to understand what the Lord’s Supper is, how to approach it and what God gives them in the meal.

This is the Feast. This is a process of learning especially designed for older children with participation by in the process by parents that normally runs for 6 weeks after school on an agreed day of the week. It aims to prepare them for receiving the body and blood of the Lord.

WHEN: Next intake is Term 3, 2022 beginning in Week 1 at a time to be arrived at by the participating families.

HOW: This is normally fitted into the teaching schedule at St Petri whenever we can fit it in. We are happy to run it one-on-one with one family or up to ten families in a group.

COSTS: The booklet the children receive costs $10.00. That is for the whole course. If the cost is prohibitive, let us know and that can easily be waived.





Sunday 8:45am
(1st + 3rd of Month)