Baptism of Water and Spirit

We think that the fact that you have asked about baptism is a sign that God has been at work in your heart and mind and that he is with you.

Baptism means a lot to God and to Christians. As Lutheran Christians, we strongly affirm baptism as God’s gift for all of humanity.

We believe baptism is for all ages of people, including children because the gift of new life in Christ is not given on the basis of our understanding or effort, but on the basis of God’s amazing grace which he pours out freely on all kinds of people, even children.

Jesus says, “let the little children come to me for the Kingdom belong to people such as these”. So, we strongly affirm parenting as a God-given gift and responsibility that surrounds a child being baptized into Christ and we firmly believe and celebrate that God calls people into his family, the Church, through baptism for children and adults.

We believe that when parents ask about baptism into the faith of the Church are doing God’s work; they are doing the very best thing they can do for their children.

If you would like to talk about baptism for your children or yourself or a friend, we would love to chat. As we talk together we hope to show you three things concerning baptism:

  • We can look at the purpose of baptism – as part of our Lord’s command to make disciples.

  • We can look at the blessings of baptism – the forgiveness of our sin.

  • We can look at the responsibilities that follow our baptism – in particular, we see how living the baptised life means a life lived together, in worship and fellowship.

WHEN: Baptism into Christ is done within the gathered community of St Petri at one of the Sunday worship services on any given Sunday.

HOW: Normally, as you indicate your interest in baptism by calling the St Petri Office or emailing or seeing Pastor Adrian, a time to meet with you to get to know you will and helping you see what we believe God gives in baptism (either in your own home or at St Petri) will be arranged, after which the date can be set for the Baptism at either of the Sunday worship services.

COST: Your willingness to learn and enjoy this amazing gift of God’s grace!

Download the Baptism Info and forms below and contact the St Petri office when you are wanting to talk about baptism.





Sunday 8:45am
(1st + 3rd of Month)