prodigal god

Going Out to seek them


Sermon: St Petri, Sunday March 10, 2013. Lent 4C Luke 15:1-3, 15-31 Going out to seek them Friends, in this last year at St Petri I have become more and more aware of a deep pain that exists among many people in our congregation. It is a pain that many feel about their own children [...]

Going Out to seek them2013-03-11T16:03:34+10:30

Give me my share


Sermon, Prodigal God 3, The two lost sons: Give me my share Sunday August 12, 2012.   Give me my share Luke 15:11-32   The story begins when the younger son comes to the father and says, “Give me my share of the estate.”   In ancient times, when the father died, the oldest son always [...]

Give me my share2012-08-12T16:05:21+09:30
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