last supper

the Servant Washing


Short Homily Maundy Thursday Night, 2013 Rite of Footwashing, St Petri In a way we cannot miss tonight—we proclaim and celebrate the realty that Jesus is a Servant king serving us always with his life and love and grace. This sets him apart from all other world religious symbols and leaders. The Servant King is [...]

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The New Passover


Maundy Thursday HOMILY April 5, 2012 St Petri  EXODUS 12:1-4, 11-14 &  MATTHEW 26: 26-30 THE NEW PASSOVER  The giving and receiving of God’s provision of Manna in the long desert journey of God’s OT people, was not so much about food, but about dependence and trust between people and God. The manna was given [...]

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