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Good stuff for parents of younger children


Here are some cool little table graces and bed-time bible words for parenta and younger childeren to enjoy. Peace in your parenting! 5_August_2012_Home_Table_Version 12_August_2012_Home_Table_Version 19_August_2012_Home_Table_Version 26_August_2012_Home_Table_Version

Good stuff for parents of younger children2012-07-31T16:11:40+09:30

Helpful stuff for parents


Hey people. One of the little tools I have found helpful for encouraging parents and younger children to read the Word and pray together during the week is called "Taking Faith Home". It is a little resource created by Pastor Greg Priebenow that helps parents and younger children spend time on spiritual things together and it [...]

Helpful stuff for parents2012-02-29T00:54:01+10:30
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