Going and Growing in the Spirit

Part 2 of Who Is the Holy Spirit Study Seriesgoing, growing, dandelion

Presented by: Dr’s Noel Due and Steen Olsen

The Holy Spirit is often compared to very elemental things: fire, wind and water being the most common. The metaphors are fitting. They speak of movement, unpredictability and change. He moves and we are carried along; he is the Lord and Giver of Life: we are in his hands, not he in ours; and he alters what he touches. Whatever he does, he does for the good. He is always going, never static; and as he goes he blesses, transforms and purifies. That’s why ‘going’ and ‘growing’ are inseparable. In this series we’ll learn how and why God makes us participants in this Spirit led action.

Going and Growing in the Spirit weekly topics:

· 13 March    The Spirit in Perpetual Motion

· 20 March    The Spirit and the Healing of the Church

· 27 March    The Spirit and the Healing of Broken Lives

· 3 April          The Spirit and Healing of Community

· 10 April        The Spirit and the Healing of the World

Commencing Wednesday 13th March  7.30 – 9 pm with cuppa & supper (follows 7pm Lenten devotion in the Church)

These studies will be recorded so that they can become a resource for the wider church. You will be asked to sign a talent release form.

Please register if you are planning to come at admin@stpetri.org.au or phone the office  8562 1011