Sunday 23rd January


Pray | Plan | Build - people Worship Small - Pastor Adrian Kitson ... Feeling a bit joyless?  Pastor Adrian shares a moment of joy with us from a group of people who had really been through it all and then came through that to rebuild what had been broken and [...]

Sunday 23rd January2022-01-21T16:55:07+10:30

Sunday 16th January


Hope as an anchor Worship Small presented by Pastor Robert Voigt In this current time of feeling tired, anxious, feeling that our lives have been disrupted and wondering what happens next Pastor Robert gives us a clear message of hope to anchor us to love, forgiveness, peace and joy. [...]

Sunday 16th January2022-01-14T15:08:54+10:30

Sunday 9th January


Livestream - Baptism of Jesus Livestream service let by Pastor Robert Voigt Jesus, God's beloved son, King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Sunday 9th January2022-01-01T11:12:39+10:30

Sunday 2nd January


Livestream  - Epiphany Day Livestream worship led by Pastor Noel Due and Pastor Robert Voigt Wise men worship Christ the King

Sunday 2nd January2022-01-01T10:57:15+10:30

Friday 31st December


New Year's Eve Live Stream Worship - Pastor Noel Due and Pastor Robert Voigt Pastor Noel Due shares a New Year's Eve reflection about fig trees and what are the good figs?

Friday 31st December2022-01-01T10:46:16+10:30

Sunday 26th December


Witness His Majesty - Shepherd's Wife Worship Small service led by Pastor Adrian Kitson The world needs to gaze on some majesty - not the majesty of power and politics and human greatness, but the majesty of grace and peace and love that brings hope and fulfilment no matter what happens [...]

Sunday 26th December2021-12-24T14:05:20+10:30

Sunday 19th December


Witness His Majesty - Mary's Mother Worship Small service led by Pastor Adrian Kitson Do we like to stay safe and have the Christmas just like we want?  or our lives just as we want? or are we willing to be divinely interrupted and called to what HE can do in [...]

Sunday 19th December2021-12-17T15:54:17+10:30

Sunday 12th December


Witness His Majesty - Wise Men Worship Small service led by Pastor Adrian Kitson This week we hear of three wise scientists who live in a world of; logic, cause and effect, proof, performance and evidence.  How do they arrive at marvelling at God's beyond-logic present at whose feet they surprisingly lay their [...]

Sunday 12th December2021-12-10T21:09:19+10:30

Sunday 5th December


Witness His Majesty - Innkeeper's Son Worship Small service led by Pastor Adrian Kitson Today we hear about God's special anointed Son -  the hero, this world's hope for the future today and the real hero to the story of our life.

Sunday 5th December2021-12-03T16:31:10+10:30

Sunday 28th November


Witness His Majesty - from Joseph's perspective Worship Small service led by Pastor Adrian Kitson Pastor Adrian challenges us to heed a divine interruption to our Christmas preparations and to let this interruption speak and change and call us to witness His majesty anew. [...]

Sunday 28th November2021-11-26T19:55:09+10:30
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