Sunday 3rd July


We're in this together Worship Small - message by Pastor Robert Voigt When loneliness and anxiety are at pandemic levels in our society and there are all kinds of pressures we are dealing with, Pastor Robert reminds us today how we can benefit by being in community, a community where even [...]

Sunday 3rd July2022-07-01T18:37:59+09:30

Sunday 26th June


Courageous and Clear Worship Small - message by Pastor Adrian Kitson We are called to confess the love and hope of Jesus in a clear and courageous way today, just as Martin Luther was called to do in Augsburg in 1530.  Are we up for the challenge?  We can trust that [...]

Sunday 26th June2022-06-24T18:05:53+09:30

Sunday 19th June


Under the Broom Tree Worship Small - message by Pastor Adrian Kitson Ever felt exhausted and at the pits of despair, especially after you have had a big 'high' and then you hit the "low".  Come hear what God has to say to you today, listen to his truth and experience [...]

Sunday 19th June2022-06-17T18:26:56+09:30

Sunday 12th June


Christ Key Worship Small - message by Vicar Ed Shoesmith How do we even begin to understand God as all powerful and present in everything … this God of the universe?  Vicar Ed shares thoughts on the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit.

Sunday 12th June2022-06-10T14:52:58+09:30

Sunday 5th June


Making a Name for Ourselves Worship Small - message by Vicar Ed Shoesmith Vicar Ed challenges our Tower of Babel thinking; building things that are safe and secure and that will make a name for ourselves and try to reach God on our terms.  We hear how Holy Spirit scatters and [...]

Sunday 5th June2022-06-03T17:26:47+09:30

Sunday 29th May


Holy Spirit - Bondage breaker Worship Small - message by Pastor Adrian Kitson Pastor Adrian invites shares about the Holy Spirit calling and powering us in and through situations which may not be exactly how we would like them to be or how we think they should be. This Holy Spirit [...]

Sunday 29th May2022-05-27T18:45:38+09:30

Sunday 22nd May


A Travel Journal - God prepares the Way Worship Small - message by Stephen Radke Stephen Radke shares how God sometimes takes us on journeys and plans the way ahead for us to share His message of freedom and hope.  How he walks with us on these journeys and walks ahead [...]

Sunday 22nd May2022-05-20T18:56:37+09:30

Sunday 15th May


Invisible Barriers Worship Small - message by Vicar Ed Shoesmith We hear about barriers that divide and separate people.  The longer the wall stays up the more "normal' it becomes until our powerful "barrier breaking" Heavenly Father can break through.

Sunday 15th May2022-05-13T18:33:37+09:30

Sunday 8th May


Living Raised Worship Small - message by Pastor Adrian Kitson Resurrection is still the name of the game this weekend.  It is still Easter. Tabitha is raised from death to life!  How does the Spirit raise us above our death and our fear of it, so we live freely and with joy and with [...]

Sunday 8th May2022-05-06T16:58:48+09:30

Sunday 1st May


Dinner and a Show Worship Small - message by Vicar Ed Shoesmith The world is full of bread and yet we hear about people living in hunger, empty and searching. In today's gospel we hear about a crowd on the hunt to find Jesus.  But what were their intentions? [...]

Sunday 1st May2022-04-29T17:37:40+09:30
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