Our vision is to be a local church community who contribute to the lives of our Barossa community in word and deed, as we gather together to receive God’s good gifts of grace, and he sends us out to fulfil our vocations at home, school, work and among family and friends. We carry the good news of forgiveness and new life on offer to people by God’s grace, received through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to share the love and hope of Jesus with everyone we come into contact with.

You can download our St Petri Mission Plan here:

St Petri Mission Focus 2015-18

The Way we Worship God

We endeavour to engage people who participate in worship services in personal and relevant ways using the ancient and modern heritage we share centred around the good news of Jesus Christ as we gather in his presence, receive his gifts of grace and respond in thanks and praise.

We gather for worship twice on Sunday mornings.

Early Service – 8.30am: This is worship within a classical/organ music tradition

Late Service – 10.30am: This is worship within a contemporary band music tradition

St Petri has a rich heritage of music in both traditions and at major festival like Christmas and Easter music is drawn from various traditions, sometime in combined services.