We are aware that the teenage years are very important for the shaping of young people in the faith of their baptism. So, we invite families with teenage young people around the school grades 8-10 to enter into an intensive learning and relationship building journey in which they might be encouraged and strengthened in their faith in Christ and benefit from a public confirmation of their faith in their home congregation community.

We gather our young people in a more collaborative way by combining the congregations of St Petri, Holy Trinity, Neukirch, Ebenezer, Strait Gate, Light Pass and Immanuel, and Light Pass together. We believe that in this more collaborative way with four pastors serving in the northern part of the Barossa jointly designing and teaching brings very good benefits to you and your child/children, as well as enabling us pastors and lay leaders to guide the young people through this important journey with energy and creativity.

Wally Schiller (Immanuel, Light Pass), Phil Joppich (Faith Lutheran College and St Petri), Peter Traeger (Ebenezer, Neukirch and holy Trinity) and Adrian Kitson (St Petri) combine their efforts to lead young people from all of our congregations through a combined confirmation journey.

  • We plan a curriculum based on the Faith Inkubators’ Head to Heart resource that covers the Lutheran story, hot issues, Old and New Testaments, Small Catechism, the Lutheran Story and the Life of Jesus (among other things).
  • We team teach (always two pastors leading every session) with the help of two lay leaders for small group times. We plan to teach in blocks (3 -4 weeks at a time).
  • In the last part of the journey, young people from their respective congregations will separate off for intensive preparation for their public confirmation of faith in their own congregations on a Sunday in November.
  • We would like to conduct sessions in the after school time-slot on a weekday (currently Monday) and would invite parents to contribute to a snack food weekly roster.
  • We plan to aim the curriculum at the year 8 student level but are open to talking with individual parents of children in grade 7 thinking about participating as needed.

WHEN: We begin the next Confirmation journey in July 2016 and run until the next November (about 18 months). We identify families with teenage children from our collective parish databases and send out letters of invitation prior to July 2016. There will be a parent/family meeting to determine the timing of the sessions, which need to be on a weekday after school in school term.

COST: The head to heart journals cost about $20 per school term. If this is a little difficult for you, we are more than happy to help so that all kids can participate! Just talk to one of the pastors or our office staff.